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Humetrix Breakthrough Healthcare Connectivity Technology Showcased at the HIMSS10 Annual Meeting Innovative Technology Pavilion

SAN DIEGO, California--- February 25, 2010  

At the 2010 Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition being held in Atlanta March 1-4, Humetrix® will be among a few Information Technology companies selected by HIMSS to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies at this year’s first HIMSS Innovative Technology Pavilion.

More than ever, new innovation-driven information technology solutions are needed to address one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: improve access and delivery of more cost-effective health care. The Federal government took a leadership role in authorizing $22 billion in health care IT investments with last year’s enacting of the HITECH Act of the Federal stimulus package.

Most of this investment is directed towards physicians and hospitals for their purchase and “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHRs). However, it will not be until all the newly deployed EHR systems will be capable to effectively connect or talk to each other, that physicians will achieve meaningful use: exchanging needed patient clinical information and having real time access to up to date EHRs. Only then, EHR systems will be able to provide optimum, coordinated care and truly deliver on the goals of the HITECH incentive program. Today’s and tomorrow’s big health care IT challenge is indeed about connecting the dots of these multiple health care settings even after they finally arrive in the digital age.

All experts recognize that additional Federally driven investments into health care information exchanges (HIEs) will not deliver the needed EHR connectivity for years to come. These new HIE infrastructures, which can be part of the solution, are however costly with staffing and operational challenges and will not be able to be deployed nationally, connect to every provider locally, or be capable of interconnectivity between themselves for many years. Simpler, less costly and immediately deployable connectivity solutions need to be provided for physicians to meet the “meaningful use” Federal requirement standards. The Federal government needs also and foremost to show patients and taxpayers, visible meaningful results from its very large budgetary allocations now and not in the unforeseen future. These connectivity solutions can only come from an innovative approach using new mobile technologies versus old infrastructure based systems.

Humetrix offers such an innovative approach: a low cost, mobile/Internet-based and patient/consumer-centered health care IT connectivity solution which is immediately deployable. Called U-BeWell™, Humetrix HIT connectivity platform is derived on Humetrix’ core patented mobile technology which has been deployed worldwide in the banking and telecom industries. Built with the simplicity, ubiquity and ease of use of the ATM model, U-BeWell provides for automated, anywhere, and secure access to individual e-records using the computing power of mobile devices and the Internet as a backbone. Better than the ATM model, it does not require any new infrastructure to be built, software to be installed or dedicated reading machines at the point of care.

Truly delivering on the Missing HIT Connectivity Link, the U-BeWell technology embedded device, whether a smart phone or a low cost USB flash drive (which can be in the format of a patient ID card) in the hands and sole control of the patient, can automatically and securely provide patients and their physicians direct and anywhere access/display of patients’ electronic records wherever they are kept. It is mobile computing at its best to meet the health care IT connectivity challenge: consumer-controlled, easy to use, providing anywhere/anytime direct access and immediately deployable at a much lower cost than any infrastructure based connectivity solution.

About Humetrix

Humetrix (www.humetrix.com) is a physician founded company, based in San Diego, California. From the development of preventive care and chronic care management software tools in the late 80s and 90s, Humetrix has then been pioneering the development of widely used innovative mobile IT solutions for the last 10 years which have been deployed in the banking, hardware and telecommunication industries. Humetrix will be exhibiting at the HIMSS Innovative Technology Pavilion, Booth #2959 in Hall C and presenting at the Innovative Showcase Theater March 1, at 4:30 pm, on March 3 at 12:00 at the New Solutions Pavilion, and at 4:15 pm at the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Pavilion.