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Humetrix Mobile “Blue Button” Direct Pointer & Authentication Technology to Showcase at Health 2.0

SAN DIEGO, California--- September 30, 2010  

As a proud participant of Health Innovation Week (October 3-10), Humetrix has been chosen to demonstrate its innovative mobile health IT e-record connectivity and exchange solutions on the stage of the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco on October 8.

To deliver on the promises of health IT to address the country’s critical needs for more cost effective health care, simplicity of use and deployment scalability are paramount. For too long, complex, costly, time consuming health IT systems have been a main reason for their own lack of use and for today’s incapacity of most physicians -and their patients- to have immediate access to the individual health information needed to deliver and receive quality and cost-effective care.

Under the stimulus of the HITECH Act, legacy health IT systems are finally coming to the internet age with newly web- accessible health records. To further advance this fundamental web access migration, the White House initiated the “Blue Button” strategy, now adopted by over 40 organizations (see the Markle Foundation Blue Button August 2010 brief) to provide patients and their physicians “one simple click” access to their health records. Easy, direct and secure access to web accessible health records by informed citizens in control of their own health care, with the ability to share and exchange their health information with their physicians wherever they receive care, is what the Blue Button strategy is all about.

To make this Blue Button strategy a reality, two critical conditions need to be met:
      • The ability to immediately find the Blue Button to download one single or multiple
health care records, especially when time is of essence such as during a physician’s
visit or in the ER.
      • To be assured that one has authorization to click on the Blue Button to download
an individual health record.

Humetrix mobile health IT connectivity and exchange platform delivers on both these requirements. Capitalizing on the power of mobile computing devices and over 15 years of development and successful consumer solutions deployment in banking and other industries, Humetrix provides the key elements to make the Blue Button strategy a success.

With the use of Humetrix technology embedded mobile devices (either a payer ID card shaped USB flash drive, or a smart phone), Humetrix mobile health IT solutions automatically point to one or more Blue Buttons, authenticate the device holder and download individual records in “one simple click”. As simple to use as an ATM card, with no software or system integration required, EHRs, PHRs, Health 2.0 applications, individualized clinical guidelines, etc. are accessed, downloaded (for view or edit) at the point of care in the most easy and intuitive way.

About Humetrix:

Humetrix (Health 2.0 San Francisco Booth #21) has been pioneering the development of widely used innovative mobile IT solutions which have been deployed in the banking, hardware and telecommunications industries. In healthcare, Humetrix core patented technology is now applied to provide optimum care coordination and patient control by allowing providers and their patients to easily, directly and securely access and exchange individual electronic health records with the use of mobile devices (smart phones, USB flash drives, smart cards or tokens).