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iBlueButton® 5.5 Now Available!
With New Multi-Account Feature & Other Upgrades

iBlueButton is the mobile embodiment of the Blue Button initiative to enable patients to easily access and share their health records with their physicians, anywhere and anytime. An award winning set of mobile apps working in tandem –one for consumers and one for healthcare providers, iBlueButton gives consumers easy, real-time and anywhere access to their Blue Button and other health records, and the ability to securely transmit these records to the healthcare provider they visit, directly from their mobile devices.

A View, Download, Transmit solution for use by patients and providers at the point of care, iBlueButton enables patient-controlled automated download of a Blue Button or CCD/C-CDA record generated by a provider EMR or HIE system, with authorized direct programmatic access to the data source, or via the Humetrix Direct server following the Blue Button+ Implementation Guide.

At the point of care, the direct iBlueButton record exchange is a 2-way communication delivered by a highly secure real time proximity "push" in between a patient’s phone using the iBlueButton App, and a provider’s tablet using the iBlueButton Professional App. The iBlueButton Professional App can also transmit by Push technology an App generated Visit Summary or Patient Referral. Patient and provider Apps are interoperable with other iOS Apps, and allow for the exchange of multiple file types (including images, audio files, etc.) with other apps.

Now with the new iBlueButton cross-platform capability, consumers and physicians for the first time can securely exchange Blue Button and other clinical information at the point of care device-to-device, regardless of whether they use an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) or an Android smartphone.

To download the new 5.5 apps available on iOS and Android devices and learn more about iBlueButton for consumers, providers and data-holders, and its pricing click HERE

For Medicare beneficiaries, iBlueButton also provides for real time translation of three years of Medicare claim coded data organized in actionable tables with problem and medications lists, detailed past encounters and provider contact information.

For standardized Blue Button and other records in CCD/C-CDA format and Medicare records, the app offers real time look up for drug or diagnostic information. Annotations can also be performed on the patient side, generating warning alerts on the physician side when patients make an annotation to the records transmitted to their physicians.

The Apps also include a camera scanner to easily scan paper documents and to directly transfer photos to (or from) physicians. The Apps also provide for the exchange of both patient and provider profiles and a built-in log of all records exchanged.

Watch the New iBlueButton® 5.5 Apps in Action*
*With special thanks to Elsa Mickelsen for playing the role of the fictitious character Ella Larsen.
Watch iBlueButton used in combination with Direct secure messaging

"Blue Button", the Blue Button logo, and the slogan "Download My Data" are registered Service Marks of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), an agency of the United States Government and are used by permission of HHS.