What is the SOS UK app?
How is the NHS making use of the SOS UK app?
What Is the SOS Button?
What is the OK Button?
Who can access the emergency records created by the app?
What information is included in the emergency record?
How many Profiles can I have in the app?
How can I copy or recover a Profile?
How do I permanently delete my SOS UK profile and online Emergency Record?
How to view or edit Emergency records?
How to change privacy settings in SOS UK
What is the four digit code below the QR code image?
How do I save a QR code on the lock screen on an iPhone?
How do I save a QR code on the lock screen on an Android Phone?
How do I print a wallet card with my unique QR code and photo?
Does a QR code change when the emergency record is edited?
Which QR code scanning app should I use?
Is SOS UK available for Android?
Are the features of SOS UK Android the same as SOS UK for iOS / Apple?
What Android devices and operating systems are supported?