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The following is Humetrix’s full statement of privacy practices for its TENSIO mobile application (the "App"). A SHORTER PRIVACY NOTICE IS AVAILABLE HERE.

Humetrix is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of users of the App. Our policies with respect to information we collect from or about users with respect to this App are described within this Policy.

We may change, add, or remove portions of this Policy at any time, and such changes shall become effective immediately upon posting. When posting a new Policy we will release an App upgrade which will require the user to accept the revised terms in order to continue using the App.

How the App Manages Information

Humetrix does not collect, store, use, or disclose information that users enter into the App or that users permit to be exchanged between the App and third party integrations. Humetrix does not collect technical information about a user’s use of the App.

Users may enter information about themselves into the App. For example, a user can enter his or her date of birth, medical conditions, or medication information. A user can also set his or her targets or goals with guidance from their health care provider. For example, a user can set a target weight, blood pressure, or activity level. Information entered into the App is stored locally on the user’s device and is not accessible by Humetrix.

The App offers one third party application integration with the Apple HealthKit application and also integrates with the Humetrix iBlueButton application . When a user downloads the App, the user will be prompted to allow the App to import certain information in the Apple HealthKit application on their own device. By way of example, this information may include dietary information (such as sodium and potassium intake), activity information (such as steps taken), certain information about the user’s body (such as height, weight, and body mass index), certain vital information (such as diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, and heart rate), and demographic information (such as gender and date of birth). The App also locally connects to the Humetrix iBlueButton App (if installed by the user) and imports certain information (such as medications or conditions) that is potentially relevant to hypertension management. The exchange of information between the App and HealthKit and/or iBlueButton takes place exclusively on the user’s device and is done according to the user’s consent; Humetrix does not collect or store that information. Please review the privacy policies of HealthKit and iBlueButton to understand their privacy practices; this Policy does not apply to those applications’ use of information.

The App enables users to transmit their summary blood pressure, weight and activity measurements stored in the App by standard (insecure) email to their doctors or to anyone they choose. Humetrix does not collect any information transmitted by email.

The App does not collect information about a user’s online activities over time and across third-party Web sites or online services. The App does not collect information about the location of a user’s mobile device. The App is not supported via advertising and does not use the information it collects for advertising purposes.

Based on the user’s settings, the App will push notifications to the user’s smartphone. These notifications can be changed through the App’s settings. The user also can disallow the App to push any notifications by modifying the permissions within the user’s device settings.

Users’ Choices
Since all of the information collected by the App is stored locally on the user’s device, the user may amend or delete this information by uninstalling the App.

A user may also change the permissions within the Apple HealthKit application to change the types of information that can be retrieved by the App. Please note that some personally identifiable information may be required in order for the App to function properly.

Users of the iPhone version of the App may choose to back up information in the App to the iCloud server. No backup data is stored by Humetrix.

It is the user’s responsibility to protect the information that resides on his or her device. Users should protect access to their device with a strong passcode or a biometric identifier to prevent unauthorized use, which may lead to unauthorized access to the App and any information accessible through the App.

Even with the above described security, Humetrix cannot guarantee that a user’s information will be 100% protected. For example, a user’s personal information may be accessed if the user’s device is lost or stolen and an unauthorized party gains access to the user’s device. Users enter information into the App at their own risk and should take appropriate steps to maintain the security of their device, such as by choosing a passcode that is not easily guessed or by using the biometric features of their device.

California Privacy Rights Notice
Humetrix does not disclose personal information to third parties for those third parties’ marketing or any other purposes.

Data Protection Officer Contact, Questions, Complaints, and Other Contacts
If you have any questions about this Policy or Humetrix’s policies and practices concerning the App, you can contact Humetrix by telephone at +1-888-944-7385 or by mail at the address below:

1155 Camino Del Mar, #503
Del Mar, California 92014
Phone: +1-888-944-7385

The contact information for Humetrix’s Data Protection Officer is:

Dr. Christopher R. Burrow
1155 Camino Del Mar, #503
Del Mar, California 92014
Phone: +1-858-259-8987

Updated June 27, 2018