Humetrix Launches ICEBlueButton "In Case of Emergency" App

App Makes It Easy to Identify Key Medical Issues in an Emergency, Automatically Notifies Emergency Contacts

New York, November 12, 2013 - Anyone with a smartphone can now ensure that emergency responders can see their health history, and loved ones get notified if they are in an accident. Humetrix, a leading provider of consumer healthcare apps, today introduced ICEBlueButton, an “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) app, available for iOS and Android devices, that ensures that EMTs, ER doctors, or even good Samaritans can immediately access patients’ health history and contact information in an emergency situation. ICEBlueButton will be available for download at iTunes and Google Play at the end of November.

The ICEBlueButton app allows anyone to easily create an ICE record on their smartphone and generate a QR code that can be saved on the lock screen, or printed on stickers or magnets. In addition to providing critical information, when activated, ICEBlueButton will automatically generate an email alert to the users’ emergency contacts.

In an emergency situation, medical personnel or attending bystanders can scan the ICEBlueButton QR code – which might be on a sticker posted on a child’s bike helmet or skateboard; a magnet on the fridge of an elderly person’s home, or a sticker on a car’s windshield -- with any broadly available QR code scanner and quickly learn if they have any medical conditions, drug allergies, or other pertinent medical information.

“For parents, travelers or sports enthusiasts, ICEBlueButton provides a new level of peace of mind,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “Technology has made it possible to completely change the way we approach healthcare. With ICEBlueButton and other mobile medical apps, anyone can take control of their health records and healthcare, and ensure that the most up to date and critical health information is available to doctors – whether during a scheduled health care encounter or in an emergency.”

How ICEBlueButton Works
ICEBlueButton provides consumers with easy entry of emergency medical data and contact information, and provides an automated data feed from online Blue Button health records. Once the ICE record is created, the app generates a QR code unique to the individual and a 4-digit numerical code to unlock access to the individual ICE record.

When the user’s QR code is scanned, ICEBlueButton’s Auto-Alert function automatically generates an email notification to the user’s emergency contacts. The Auto-Alert includes the name of the person involved in the emergency and a map with the location of the emergency.

ICEBlueButton Pricing
ICEBlueButton will be free to download from iTunes and Google Play at the end of November. An upgrade of $2.99 is available for generating email Auto-Alerts sent to the listed emergency contacts every time the ICEBlueButton record is retrieved by QR code scanning for a month; or unlimited Auto-Alerts for $29.99, includes 20 stickers and a magnet with your personal QR code printed on them.

iBlueButton App for Families
Humetrix also offers consumers the iBlueButton app – a multi-award winning mobile app that provides mobile access to Blue Button and other health records. With iBlueButton, patients and their caregivers can download their health record to their smartphone, consult it during a doctor’s appointment, and share the contents with the doctor they are seeing. This ensures that everyone – doctor and patient – are working with a complete view of the patient’s health history, empowers the patient, and reduces the risk of mistakes caused by having an incomplete picture of the health history. An upgrade for iOS7 and multi-record family use will be available for download in December at both iTunes and Google Play.

About BlueButton
Blue Button is the name – and symbol –- for a national movement to significantly improve our healthcare system, by putting patients in control of their medical records. Wherever you see the Blue Button symbol online, you can download or automatically receive updates in your health records on your computer or mobile app – so when you are meeting with any doctor, you have your own medical history, prescriptions, lab results, etc. at your fingertips.

More and more doctors, hospitals and healthcare systems are coming online with Blue Button every day – the federal government has required physicians and hospitals to provide Blue Button records to their patients starting in January 2014. So far, Blue Button has been adopted by over 500 public and private healthcare organizations to give Americans easy access to their online health records.

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