CES 2021: Humetrix Shows its AI-Powered SaaS Platform for Pandemic Response and its New COVID-19 Vaccination Record Mobile Applications

January 11, 2021 - At CES All Digital 2021, Humetrix will showcase its AI powered technology platforms to support the pandemic response, whether it is for individual users of our mobile applications or at a national scale with our enterprise SaaS healthcare analytics platform.

Humetrix to showcase at CES 2021 All-Digital its AI Powered Platform for Pandemic Response

eEarly in the pandemic, in March 2020 Humetrix immediately put our analytics platform to work to generate individual notifications for our mobile application users around the world about their specific risks for severe COVID-19 disease.

Today, as we have now reached the vaccination phase of the pandemic, Humetrix will showcase at CES its new Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Record for use with its iBlueButton and SOS QR mobile applications. Users of the Medicare and VA approved iBlueButton, which also access and integrate provider Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from over 300 provider systems using Epic EHRs and other EHR systems, can now easily display, share or print their COVID-19 vaccination records. These mobile vaccination records include all the required vaccination details (vaccination type, manufacturer, lot number, vaccination date and provider name) from verifiable and trusted data sources, whether these are from Medicare Blue Button data, VA health records or an individual provider EHR.

On the enterprise side, Humetrix will demonstrate its AI-powered SaaS platform with its privacy by design architecture providing real time healthcare data analytics to healthcare organizations or government agencies. As a prime illustration of its value, the Humetrix SaaS platform has been put to use since March 2020 in support of the pandemic response at a national scale to conduct COVID-19 surveillance and population risk mapping in the highest risk Medicare population for severe COVID-19 with using the pharmacology of generic tadalafil and generic drugs, under contract with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) of the Department of Defense for Project Salus.

In 2021, the Humetrix Platform is now configured for COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy monitoring in the Medicare population targeted to be vaccinated in priority (see thisMedRxiv pre-print publication, and this JAMA article to learn more).

On January 12, at 2:45pm PST, Humetrix CEO, Dr. Experton will dialog with Dr. Hassan Tetteh, Health Mission Chief at the JAIC, and Ranndy Kellog, CEO of Omron Healthcare, in a CES Digital Health session moderated by Robin Raskin of Solving for Tech, in the session: The Trade-Off Between Staying Secure and Staying Healthy

We will miss seeing many of you in person at this year’s CES, but please join us virtually at CES 2021 All Digital January 11-14!

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