Del Mar, CA – October 15, 2012 – On the main stage of the Health 2.0 conference on October 8, 2012 in San Francisco, Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health IT, announced that Humetrix with its novel iBlueButton® consumer and physician Apps won the Federal government competition Blue Button® Mash Up Challenge. Humetrix’ President and CEO, Dr. Bettina Experton, followed Dr. Mostashari’s introduction in giving a live demonstration of the iBlueButton Apps to more than 1600 conference attendees present and the conference live stream audience. Coming on stage, Dr. Experton said: "It is very exciting for Humetrix to receive this national award, but with this award as a Public Health physician turned entrepreneur 20 years ago, I am even more excited to now be able to bring to 48 million Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers a revolutionary mobile tool for them to now have their medical history in their own hands anytime and anywhere and especially at the point of care where life-saving diagnosis and treatment decisions are made." With these latest upgrades now available on iTunes, iBlueButton lets you immediately and securely access, download and share with your physician, whether in the clinic for primary or specialty care, or in an emergency room or at the hospital, a practical, actionable 3-year medical history directly originated from Medicare.

With iBlueButton 3.6, Medicare Blue Button text files are automatically accessed and downloaded onto the patient’s mobile device under the consumer’s direct control, when needed, at the point of care when decisions are made and where up-to-date medical history is critical to ensure patient safety and cost effective care. To present useful information to both patients and consumers, iBlueButton automatically parses and decodes Blue Button text files, translating ICD9, NDC, NPI and other codes into English and displays the decoded data in organized tables of problem and medication lists, and past encounters divided into hospitalizations, ER visits, outpatient care, imaging services, and tests and procedures.

A mobile app, always in your hands when needed, iBlueButton is a lifesaving care coordination and care management tool with the App real time query function of multiple public databases to provide patients and their caregivers specific drug information including possible side effects. The Apps also generate Warnings when patients note either side effects and/or whether or not they are taking a prescribed medication and this information is then securely transmitted along with the Blue Button record by the patient to the physician at the time of the encounter using the App’s proximity Push technology. iBlueButton is a practical View, Download and Transmit mobile tool for both patient and provider use, and provides a scalable and truly "consumer-mediated" health information exchange solution, where the patient is always engaged, always in control, directly providing and consenting to the sharing of his own records to the providers of his choice, when needed. Capitalizing on the use of ubiquitous mobile devices used today by over half of Americans, iBlueButton directly responds to the recent Institute of Medicine’s call to reduce the over 30% of health care spending waste and thousands of preventable deaths every year mainly caused by the lack of up to date information at the point of care.

iBlueButton 3.6 was developed as a result of the Federal Government call for innovation in the Blue Button Mash Up Challenge to capitalize on both the Health Data and Blue Button Initiatives led by Todd Park and Aneesh Chopra, present and past White House CTOs, Peter Levin, CTO of the Veterans Administration, and Dr. Farzad Mostashari. Delivering on this Federal call for innovation, iBlueButton is now available on iTunes for millions of Americans to use and have their health care truly in their hands, when needed and at the same time help the Federal government and the American taxpayer save billions of dollars in costly, redundant and potentially dangerous care, getting the best of their Medicare at the right price. Invited to the White House on October 10, 2012 as one of 14 CEOs of innovative companies in the areas of education, energy, finance and health IT to discuss in the Roosevelt Room Series, the role of innovation on American lives, the economy and jobs, Dr. Experton strengthened that message of the critical role of government and industry to initiate, create and deploy now the resulting innovative solutions to better the lives of all and the economy of the country. As Dr. Don Berwick said last Fall "Start at scale...there is no more time left for timidity...Pilots will not suffice".

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Humetrix has been pioneering the development of innovative consumer-centered mobile technology applications over the past 15 years which have been deployed around the world. In healthcare, Humetrix’ mobile health solutions are now applied to optimize new health care delivery models by allowing healthcare providers and their patients to automatically and securely access and exchange individual on-line records with the use of mobile devices. Patient-centered and individually controlled, Humetrix mobile health solutions offer easy to use and immediately implementable consumer-mediated exchange solutions to deliver more cost-effective coordinated health care.

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